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Gutter frost protection

Frost protection and temperature maintenance in housing and commercial construction

Effective frost protection is key to ensuring safety and functionality within buildings. This is particular true when it comes to clearing ice and snow in the relevant building areas and open spaces. Maintaining the right temperatures (e.g. for hot water pipes or underfloor heating) is also important.

Frost protection for water-carrying pipes and surfaces

Frost protection for water-carrying pipes and surfaces

Outdoor water lines (e.g. gutters, downpipes or water/wastewater pipes on exterior walls) must be kept free of frost in the winter to prevent damage caused by cracked pipes and lines. Heating conductors or self-regulating trace heating tapes can be controlled using a thermostat and help to keep pipes and lines free from frost, even in sub-zero temperatures. Surface heating helps to ensure the safety of pedestrians by preventing the build-up of compacted snow and black ice.

Temperature maintenance for fault-free building infrastructure

Temperature maintenance for fault-free building infrastructure

Hot water lines and underfloor heating systems must maintain specific temperatures within housing and commercial construction. ZIEGLER ENGINEERING offers the perfect product solutions for all heat and temperature-related applications.

Tailored solutions for frost protection

Temperature control with ZIEGLER ENGINEERING

We offer customers across the commercial construction, facility management and building/infrastructure planning sectors tailored solutions for frost protection and temperature maintenance from start to finish. We also provide support from project planning and implementation, all the way through to the installation of trace heating systems for housing and commercial construction. We are also on hand to assist you with the commissioning, monitoring and maintenance of your systems.

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Trace heating systems – an all-round project service

As trace heating specialists, we support you throughout the entire process: from project planning and documentation to installation and commissioning, right through to maintenance and servicing of your system. With our profound knowledge and vast experience, we’re the perfect partner for industrial companies when it comes to tailored and sustainable trace heating solutions.

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