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Control and monitoring for trace heating systems

Control and monitoring for trace heating systems

To ensure temperature maintenance and frost protection systems work reliably you need two things: high-quality products and a reliable control and monitoring system. This is where thermostats and controllers come in. Strategically positioned correctly, these devices make sure that your trace heating systems run without fault.

Automatic trace heating controls

Automatic temperature control for more energy efficiency

Available as a line sensing controller that works based on the pipe temperature or using measurements of the ambient temperature, automatic controls for trace heating mean that the temperature is always adjusted to the given conditions and requirements. Automatic controls prevent temperatures from getting too high, increasing energy efficiency and saving costs.

Regulating temperature through thermostats

Frost protection in focus

Thermostats don’t just regulate the temperature of trace heating for reliable frost protection. Depending on the model, they can also be used to monitor the system. Using a display, users can access information directly and a connection to the control system and an alarm function make it possible to monitor the current status of systems, pipes and ambient conditions, and adjust trace heating if necessary.

Trace heating systems including control and monitoring

Trace heating systems from start to finish

With many years of expertise, the ZIEGLER ENGINEERING team designs trace heating systems (including control and monitoring) that are perfectly tailored to your specific application. We plan your systems and ensure they are professionally installed, supporting you with any questions you may have about the commissioning, maintenance and monitoring of your system. In doing so, you get to enjoy reliable frost protection and trace heating that always stays at the right temperature with ZIEGLER ENGINEERING.

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Trace heating systems – an all-round project service

As trace heating specialists, we support you throughout the entire process: from project planning and documentation to installation and commissioning, right through to maintenance and servicing of your system. With our profound knowledge and vast experience, we’re the perfect partner for industrial companies when it comes to tailored and sustainable trace heating solutions.

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ZIEGLER ENGINEERING is your partner when it comes to electrical trace heating. We offer a wide range of products, vast experience and sound expert knowledge.

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