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Frost protection for industry and commercial construction
Industry and commercial construction

Optimal frost protection with trace heating

Frost damage is expensive and poses a risk to both business and safety. Our trace heating solutions make sure that your pipes (e.g. water lines or gutters) stay protected against frost damage.

Trace heating for protection against frost damage

How do frost protection heating cables work?

Trace heating for protecting against frost damage is made up of a heating conductor or self-regulating heating tape. Using an ambient thermostat (or similar device), these components can be triggered when ambient temperatures fall below 5°C. Alternatively, users can control frost protection heating using a thermostat combined with a pipe sensor. In both cases, once activated, the heating cable heats up and prevents the pipe from freezing. Self-regulating heat conductors also adjust the amount of heat given off based on the ambient conditions.

ZIEGLER ENGINEERING protects you from frost damage

ZIEGLER ENGINEERING is your full-service partner for all things frost protection trace heating. You can find high-quality frost protection heating cables for various performance and temperature requirements in the Faber B2B online shop. We are happy to arrange a consultation to discuss the right frost protection solution for you and offer extensive support for your frost protection project, from planning and implementation to maintenance and monitoring.

Frost protection for roofs, gutters and downpipes

Gutters are constantly exposed to the elements and need just as much protection against frost. A frost protection trace heating system does just that, keeping rainwater flowing with protection you can rely on. We also offer our customers a full-service package: from planning to commissioning and maintenance of your pipe trace heating.

Frost protection for pipes

Frost affects almost all liquid-carrying pipes and when it comes to water lines, this frost can lead to pipe damage or even burst pipes. Equipped with self-regulating heating tape, pipe trace heating eliminates the risk of frost damage.

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Get in touch with our team of experts! Everything you get from ZIEGLER ENGINEERING is from a single source – from planning and commissioning through to maintenance of your electrical trace heating.

Frost protection in industrial sector

Where is trace heating used for frost protection?

Frost protection is an issue in almost all industries. Wherever liquid-carrying pipes are installed, frost protection trace heating with heating tape ensures uninterrupted operation across all kinds of industries, even at sub-zero temperatures. These industries include:

  • Construction industry

  • Chemical and petrochemical industry

  • Food industry

  • Pharmaceutical industry


ZIEGLER ENGINEERING – your reliable partner for trace heating

ZIEGLER ENGINEERING is your competent partner when it comes to tailored frost protection trace heating. Our range offers an extensive selection of frost protection heating cables for various applications and industries. We plan out your trace heating system using your individual specifications. An experienced installation team of qualified professionals installs your system and provides support for its commissioning. We’d be happy to learn about your requirements as part of an initial meeting and advise you on the perfect frost protection trace heating solution for you.

Frequently asked questions about frost protection with trace heating

How hot a frost protection heating cable gets depends on the power output, the trace heating control and many different environmental and application-related factors. A well-designed system provides exactly the heat output and temperature that is needed to protect the system from freezing.

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