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Avoiding water damage with leak detection
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Avoiding water damage with leak detection

Water damage following a leak (e.g. a burst pipe) damages the building’s structure or electronic devices such as servers, and can quickly lead to interruptions to your operations. ZIEGLER ENGINEERING plans leak warning systems tailored to your application and ensures they are properly installed.

Water damage

Precision leak detection for water pipes

If a leak goes unnoticed, it can lead to large-scale saturation of the building structure or moisture can penetrate the building’s electronics, sometimes causing immense damage. By installing special sensor lines for water pipes, you can detect both big and small leaks and avoid water damage.

Leak detection methods for water-carrying pipes

Leak detection methods for water-carrying pipes

Leaks can be detected in the event of water damage using a variety of different methods. Using sensor lines from nVent Raychem, users can measure leaks across the entire length or surface, right down to the metre. Once properly installed, the sensor lines reliably detect, locate and report any leaks and they can be configured depending on the customer's requirements in terms of budget and specific application.

Use of leak detection systems in data centres

Where is water leak detection used?

Whereas broken water or wastewater pipes above ground are usually easy to locate, smaller leaks under raised floors, in false ceilings or on flat roofs are often very difficult to find. Detecting leaks in water pipes in the soil is also often problematic. The innovative technologies from ZIEGLER ENGINEERING allow you to quickly and effectively detect leaks in all kinds of pipes, helping to prevent any subsequent damage to buildings or roads.

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ZIEGLER ENGINEERING – your reliable partner for water leak detection

ZIEGLER ENGINEERING offers a wide range of system solutions for effective, non-destructive leak detection in the event of water damage. Our range of evaluation units and sensors allows you to continuously and professionally detect leaks in water pipes and monitor leaks in other pipes. We take care of the planning and installation for your tailored leak warning and detection systems for even more peace of mind in your business. Take advantage of our expert knowledge and contact us today for an initial consultation.

Operational safety for data centres

Effective leak detection in data centres for maximum operational safety

When it comes to running a data centre, reliable operation without any hitches is crucial. Any interruptions to operation can quickly lead to financial losses and damage the company’s reputation among its users. The use of leak warning and detection systems allow companies to record leaks on site and locate them with precision down to the metre. In doing so, they can remedy the problem before any damage is caused. The sensor cable is laid in loops in the raised floor next to sanitation systems, water pipes, air-conditioning systems and other sources of risks.

Frequently asked questions about leak detection in water pipes

Leak detection allows you to locate leaks early so that you can quickly fix the problem and avoid any costly consequential damage caused as a result of long-term saturation of the building structure or damage to water-sensitive infrastructure or devices.

The costs for leak detection in the event of water damage can vary depending on the system solution used and various other parameters. In general, the costs for a leak warning system for water pipes are far lower than the costs incurred to fix any resulting water damage.

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