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Tank heating: store liquids the right way

If liquids are stored at the wrong temperature, especially temperatures that are too low, they might freeze or become unusable which, in turn, can be costly for your business. Tank trace heating by ZIEGLER ENGINEERING makes sure that your products stay at the quality you need, even in low outdoor temperatures.

Tank heating applications

What is tank heating used for?

Tank heating keeps chemicals, dyes, oils and other substances at the right temperature during storage and transport, helping to avoid damage and problems caused by subnormal temperatures. Electrical trace heating is suitable for maintaining temperatures in all tank sizes and types, including diesel tanks, plastic tanks or water tanks. The ZIEGLER ENGINEERING range provides you with the right storage tank heating and professional anti-freeze solutions and more for maintaining the perfect temperature in the tank.

Typical applications

Tank heating can be used in different ways depending on the industry and substance. For liquids with low to medium viscosity, the tank heater serves as frost protection; for fuel oil, resin and other medium to high-viscosity substances, electrical tank heating is used to maintain the perfect temperature in the tank. Here, the heating conductor generates the necessary heat. This helps to prevent crystallisation and condensation and ensures that the product quality stays the same.

Tank heating for diesel and oil tanks

Diesel, fuel oil and other oils can only be used at certain temperatures. Heating is needed to continuously maintain the perfect oil temperature during storage and transport. Tank heating is used for both diesel and biodiesel tanks. The experts at ZIEGLER ENGINEERING are always on hand to help you choose the right tank heating solution for heating fuel oil, diesel and other liquids. The team is also happy to support you with project planning, implementation and maintenance.

Tank heating for water tanks

Frost protection is incredibly important when it comes to storing water and other liquids in tanks. Damage caused by frost can cause tanks to crack which, in turn, leads to extensive damage to the structure and can result in financial losses. The solution: tank heating for the water tank. ZIEGLER ENGINEERING offers a wide variety of solutions for water tanks of all sizes and is your reliable partner when it comes to temperature maintenance for liquid storage.

Tank heating for safe storage of liquids

Safe storage of liquids – tank heating by ZIEGLER ENGINEERING

Whether it’s a small-capacity plastic tank or a large diesel tank that can hold thousands of litres, ZIEGLER ENGINEERING offers suitable tank heating for all tank sizes and applications. Our services also include the provision of high-quality tank heating, as well as consultation, project planning and the implementation of tailored solutions for your specific application within the company. Extensive experience and expertise make us the experts for electrical tank heating.

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