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ZIEGLER ENGINEERING as part of the Faber Group

As a subsidiary of the Faber Group, we work closely with Klaus Faber AG’s Electrical Heat Tracing business unit, combining technical know-how and industry expertise in the area of electrical trace heating. Our customers also benefit from two logistics centres in Germany that supply many different products ex stock.

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Manufacturer independence

Our manufacturers, partners and suppliers in the field of electrical trace heating are renowned companies whose products meet the highest quality standards and guarantee optimal and reliable systems. Suitable products are selected based on the project and budget.

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Extensive storage capacities

Many of our products are available ex stock. As part of the Faber Group, we have a strong network and can offer our customers the ideal logistics solutions for their projects. Reliable. Fast. Efficient.

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Fast and flexible

Should you have any issues with your system, our experts will be happy to provide you with advice and support, even on site. This allows you to rectify any faults quickly and directly, thereby ensuring a regulated operating process.

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Over 50 years’ experience

As a partner and supplier for industry and trade, we specialise in providing and developing our own practical complete solutions in the areas of heat and measuring technology tailored to the project at hand.

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Everything from a single source

With us, you get everything from a single source – from planning right through to installation. Personal contact is particularly important to us. Please discuss all project-related matters with your personal contact at ZIEGLER ENGINEERING.

Complete solutions for electrical trace heating
Complete solutions for electrical trace heating

The full package for electrical trace heating

We offer our customers comprehensive solutions for their trace heating tasks. The full package for electrical trace heating includes services such as project planning, technical calculations, installation, system commissioning, documentation, maintenance and repairs.

ZIEGLER ENGINEERING GmbH company history

ZIEGLER ENGINEERING GmbH company history

1970 – company founded by Heinz Ziegler

ZIEGLER ENGINEERING GmbH was founded in 1970 by Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Heinz Ziegler. The range of products and services has always been consistently geared toward trade and industry.

1987 – trade representation Raychem (now nVent)

1996 – Kurt Ziegler takes over company management

Kurt Ziegler, master electrical engineer with many years of experience in technical planning, took over the management of ZIEGLER ENGINEERING and the strategic development of the business areas of electrical trace heating, flow sensors, leak warning and detection systems, energy technology and measurement technology in January 1996.

June 2022 – ZE becomes manufacturer-neutral

August 2022 – takeover by Klaus Faber AG

From this point onward, ZIEGLER ENGINEERING GmbH works hand in hand with the Electrical Heat Tracing business unit of Klaus Faber AG, which deals with the planning and sale of electrical trace heaters and targets the construction sector and industry. Both companies are subsidiaries of the Faber Group.

September 2022 – Matthias Pflaum is appointed as the Managing Director

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Trace heating systems – an all-round project service

As trace heating specialists, we support you throughout the entire process: from project planning and documentation to installation and commissioning, right through to maintenance and servicing of your system. With our profound knowledge and vast experience, we’re the perfect partner for industrial companies when it comes to tailored and sustainable trace heating solutions.

Profound knowledge and vast experience

Get to know our team

ZIEGLER ENGINEERING is your partner for all things electrical trace heating. Personal contact is particularly important to us. Please discuss all project-related matters with your personal contact.