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Leak monitoring and detection for pipelines
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Leak monitoring and detection for pipelines

In industrial plants, pipelines run through all areas, providing each zone with process and drinking water or being used to remove sewage. Even the smallest leak in a pipeline can disrupt operations – this is all the more true for burst pipes. This makes quick leak detection absolutely essential.

Leak warning systems to avoid damage

Leak warning systems to avoid damage

Although they often go unnoticed to the naked eye, even small leaks in a pipeline can have huge, expensive consequences. Worn seals, corrosion, construction work or even natural events are in most cases the cause. And it’s not just water leaks that often cause huge damage; depending on the liquid, leaks can lead to serious problems for operations and the environment too. Leak detection systems from ZIEGLER ENGINEERING allow you to reliably monitor and detect even the smallest leaks early to ensure maximum system safety.

Evaluation units for sensor lines

Evaluation units

Various sensors lines are used to monitor leaks in a pipeline. These all converge in the evaluation unit which then immediately triggers when a leak is detected in the pipeline (even for pipelines that stretch across long distances), locating the leak down to the metre. The detection device monitors the pipeline and identifies any leaks and faults. Depending on your requirements, leaks can be detected directly on the evaluation unit or forwarded to another higher-level control system. Our wide range of evaluation units allow for tailored pipeline leak monitoring using custom-built leak warning systems.

Sensor cables from ZIEGLER ENGINEERING


Sensors and sensor cables are routed in data centres, commercial buildings, across large surfaces or in industrial plants to immediately detect any leaks. Just like a nerve cell, these sensors give the signal and pass on this signal to the evaluation unit. The cables detect leak areas or leaking liquid across their full length, right down to the metre, and then the evaluation unit triggers an alarm with information on the location of the leak. The experts at ZIEGLER ENGINEERING support you in planning, installing and maintaining your custom leak system for fast damage repair.

Leak monitoring for pipelines

Reliable leak monitoring and detection in pipelines with ZIEGLER ENGINEERING

With more than 50 years of experience in consultation and installation and dedicated contact partners for your pipeline leak monitoring system, ZIEGLER ENGINEERING is the perfect partner when it comes to fault-free processes and safe operation. We offer tailored leak warning systems for burst pipe leak detection for your business.

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