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Innovative sensors for detecting leaks and water penetration

Leak sensors

Even tiny amounts of water and other liquids can cause major damage. Especially near moisture-sensitive devices and machines, early detection of leaks using leak sensors is crucially important and prevents failures, damage and costly repairs.

Assembled lengths (-xx)Applicable forMax. Ambient temperatureAssemblyDownload Technology
1m/__3ft-PC 3m/_10ft-PC 5m/_17ft-PC 7,5m/_25ft-PC 15m/_50ft-PCwater water-glycol blend75 °Chorizontal surfaces - ground - gutter - tray with special fixing technology (ZE) also on vertical surfaces special constructions
1m/__3ft-PC 5m/_17ft-PC 7,5m/_25ft-PC 15m/_50ft-Pwater80 °Cdirect on the pipe special constructions
1m/__3ft-PC 3m/_10ft-PC 7,5m/_25ft-PC 15m/_50ft-PC 30m/100ft-PC 50m/165ft-PC 100m/328ft-PCwater80 °Cdirect on the pipe special constructions
horizontal surfaces - ground - gutter - tray special constructions
horizontal surfaces - ground - gutter - tray special constructions
0,3m/__1ft-MC 1,5m/__5ft-MC 4,5m/_15ft-MC 7,5m/_25ft-MC 15m/_50ft-MCwater acid alkali85 °Chorizontal surfaces - ground - gutter - tray special constructions
0,3m/__1ft-MC 3m/_10ft-MC 10m/_33ft-MC 15m/_50ft-MC 30m/100ft-MCHydrocarbons (does not react to water)-20 ... 60 °Chorizontal surfaces - ground - gutter - tray special constructions
0,3m/__1ft-MC 1,5m/__5ft-MC 3m/_10ft-MC 7,5m/_25ft-MC 15m/_50ft-MCsolvent (does not react with water)-20 ... 60 °Chorizontal surfaces - ground - gutter - tray special constructions
hydrocarbons on water surfaces-40 ... 60 °Cvertical on water surfaces special constructions
Leak sensors in data centres
Avoid expensive water damage and repairs

Leak sensors for use in industry, construction engineering and data centres

The leak warning systems sold by ZIEGLER ENGINEERING are sensor lines connected to an evaluation unit. Unlike point sensors, these detect even the smallest leaks with precision down to the metre over the entire length of the sensor line. An alarm is triggered immediately if a leaking liquid is detected. This enables comprehensive monitoring and the immediate initiation of effective countermeasures. All liquids are detected, and early detection prevents damage and the failure of entire production and process lines. By installing a leak detection system, you can therefore help prevent leak damage in industrial environments or data centres. Our range includes high-quality leak sensors and evaluation units for leak monitoring and leak detection for numerous areas of application.

Leak sensors for water, oil and other liquids
Leak sensors for water, oil and other liquids

Areas of application of the sensors

The range of applications for leak sensors includes all industries and fields in which liquids could leak and damage sensitive technology. Conventional leak sensors pinpoint even tiny amounts of water and can be installed on horizontal surfaces such as floors, gutters or tubs. Special sensors can also detect hydrocarbons or solvents. In addition to the standard sensor lines, products are also available that float on the water surface, particularly to protect the environment, for example when it comes to detecting oil contamination in water. Important areas of application for leak sensors are commercial buildings, production halls and data centres.

Leak monitoring
Timely action prevents damage

Leak monitoring

If a leak is detected, quick action is required to minimise downtime, damage and costs. Comprehensive monitoring with leak sensor lines and precise leak detection save valuable time. The sensors are generally equipped with an alarm and detection module that is triggered immediately when a leak is detected and simultaneously transmits the location of the leak. This enables specialist staff to take immediate countermeasures.

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Flächendeckende Leckageortung mit ZIEGLER ENGINEERINGComprehensive leak detection with ZIEGLER ENGINEERING
Leak sensors for reliable leak detection

Comprehensive leak detection with ZIEGLER ENGINEERING

With a comprehensive range of leak sensors, evaluation units and accessories for leak warning and detection systems, ZIEGLER ENGINEERING is the ideal partner when it comes to avoiding leak damage. We deliver custom solutions for your industry and your company: from project planning to installation and commissioning as well as maintenance and monitoring of your leak warning system. Our team of experts would be happy to advise you and find the perfect solution for your area of application.

Frequently asked questions about leak warning systems

Leak detection systems are used to monitor any areas in which leaking liquids could cause damage (e.g. electrics). This includes the monitoring of inaccessible areas and false ceilings. They are often used in data centres (server rooms), for example, and reduce damage or operational system failures.

ZIEGLER ENGINEERING leak detection systems consist of a sensor line or, less commonly, a point sensor (depending on the task), an evaluation unit and installation accessories.

Under raised floors (e.g. data centres): installation under the raised floor with retaining clips. For pipelines: installation underneath the pipeline with fastening tape. Depending on the specific purpose, the system is installed outside or inside the insulation of pipelines or in troughs underneath single or multiple pipelines.

ZIEGLER ENGINEERING leak detection systems locate damage points to the metre. These points can be documented with the time and date of the leak. Fault messages for leak and maintenance alarms.

ZIEGLER ENGINEERING offers its customers all services related to planning, documentation, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

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