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Determine the velocity of air and gas with precision

Flow measurement – determine the velocity of air and gas with precision

Measuring flow velocities is the first step in safe, precise control and regulation. Flow sensors from our product portfolio correctly and precisely record the velocity of air and gas in air conditioning systems and for industrial applications.


Sensor types for different measurement tasks

The choice of sensor type for flow measurement depends on the relevant requirements and the measurement task at hand. For example, sensors are used in laboratory, pharmaceutical or cleanroom technology, as well as in plant manufacturing, HVAC, burner and furnace production or for heavy-duty applications. They provide the following benefits:

  • Energy efficiency and energy savings thanks to easy value recording

  • Precision recording of volumetric and mass flows

  • Quality assurance in the processing area

High-quality flow sensors from ZIEGLER ENGINEERING offer consistent measured values in the long term without drift and work in extreme measurement areas, including ex zones or areas exposed to overpressure or aggressive media. Combination sensors make it possible to measure several parameters for extensive, useful measured values in the area of flow measurement.


Velocity, volumetric and mass measurement

Calorimetric flow sensors are suitable for measuring the flow and flow rate of gaseous media. The volume can be determined using the pipe diameter. Substance-specific values for the media are also included for mass measurements.

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